Earnz iOS App - In Progress

  • Project for Generate, a club that I'm a build studio software engineer at
  • A customer rewards and loyalty app targeted for small
    businesses to encourage more business at local businesses
  • React Native front end
  • Java Spring Boot micro service architecture
  • Heroku and Heroku Postgres for backend deployment

Light Through Metal Thermostat

  • IoT device with capacitive touch, time of flight sensor,
    and LED display drivers
  • Wrote software in C for the ESP32 SoC module
  • Developed software integrating all I2C external devices
  • Developed capactive touch sensing algorithm for custom
    deflection based touch through metal hardware

Directional Speaker

  • 2 output speaker setup through an audio exciter glued
    to table and external directional speaker
  • Input method used transformer generating signals from
    magnetic field created by phone speakers
  • Designed, tested, and implemented circuitry to mitigate
    and eliminate analog signal clipping

Printed Antenna

  • Easy to manipulate form factor antenna made of
    conductive ink printed onto transparent film
  • Tuned numerous antennae designs for optimal S11 reflection
    coefficient using Smith charts and network analyzers
  • Tuned using Pi-network circuits for 2.44GHz, 5GHz,
    and dual band reception at >50dB signal strength
  • Documented and presented data to potential clients

Triple Digit Seven Segment Display

  • Cheaper LED based seven segment display alternative
  • Created schematic and designed PCB layout using Cadence
    OrCAD PCB tools

Gravity Generator

  • Pulley based system hooked up to motor to generate electricity
  • Utilized intermediate sliding gear setup to allow for
    automatic direction switching to generate continuous
    power when weight is on either side
  • Produced about 1 Watt of power
  • Designed 3D printed parts in SolidWorks and developed
    Arduino code to display live ammeter info on graph